About Us

Sino Grinding is a group company specializing in design, manufacturing and distribution. We promote our grinding media worldwide by on-site technical support regularly to all our clients and proactive development research with more advanced products being released regularly as specific problems are identified and dealt with.


Sino Grinding Group includes several companies, subsidiaries and representatives as follows:














Sino Grinding is now supplying it’s products to over 20 different mines in Australian, Asian, African and American markets.


All products of Sino Grinding are manufactured in P. R.China under license with Sino Grinding being the sole copyright owner. Sino Grinding is leading the market technically by supplying the most advanced SAG mill grinding balls in the world today.


Sino Grinding specializes in design and supply of various types of grinding media to different mills based on each mill’s specific working conditions.


Our target is to always achieve the best performance in the main focuses of:


1.     Steel consumption.

2.     Cost per quantity of ore milled.

3.     Grind by particle distribution improvements.

4.     Throughput.


- Sino Grinding is a steel designer, forger and heat treatment specialist.

- We are not milling specialists and so take our targets from our customers.

- Never before has there been an opportunity to add such media variables to the control levers to milling operations, by far the cheapest and fastest solution to most of the main processing problems.


Six different types of forged steel grinding media are currently being supplied to our clients and they cover the size of grinding media from Ø20mm (¾”) up to Ø160mm (6½") and cover all kinds of mills in the mining industry.


Our technical services include modeling the mill operations for improved milling effect, choosing correct grinding ball sizes and the initial ball charge calculation for the commissioning of new mills.




Sino Grinding Industries Pty Ltd---an Australian company registered in state of Victoria, Australia. It covers all business from Australia and Southeast Asia.

Sino Grinding Industries Pty Ltd always keeps about two months backup stock in Fremantle to serve its Australian clients.

Quality and continuous supply in time are always our priority in business.

Sino Grinding International Pty Ltd---an Australian company registered in state of Victoria, Australia. It covers all business from Africa, Mid-East countries and South Asia.

Apart from its office in Australia, it also runs the African Marketing Office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Beijing Sino Grinding International Pty Ltd---a Chinese company registered in Beijing, P.R.China. It covers manufacturing in China, exporting and all business from Mongolia, USA, Canada and South American Countries.

Apart from its office in Beijing, China, it also runs the Sino Grinding (American) Inc.  in Arizona, USA

African Marketing Office-It is based at Johannesburg, South Africa and in charge of all African market. Sino Grinding is now successfully supply to Zambia, D.R.Congo, Tanzania and Botswana.

Sino Grinding (Americas) Inc - It is based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA and in charge of all North and South American market. Sino Grinding is now supplying USA, South American.