SAG Mill Balls

Sino-1 Balls:

Sino-1 balls were designed for Ø125mm (5") balls operating in +10m (33') SAG mills. They are designed to withstand high ball on ball impact inside +10m SAG mill with high hardness level.



Photo: 125mm Sino-1 balls in a 10m SAG mill in Australia



Sino-2 Balls:

Sino-2 balls were designed for 140mm (5½") balls operating in +10m (33') SAG mills. The balls on ball impacts are very frequent and the balls are also of high hardness.

  • Surface hardness: 62-64RC
  • Center Hardness 55RC.

Photo: 140mm Sino-2 balls in a 11m (36’) SAG mill  in  USA


Sino-3 Balls:
Sino-3 balls were designed to save on manufacturing costs if the SAG mill is charging balls smaller than 125mm. Sino-3 design are only for 90-115mm balls with the same quality of Sino-1 balls but much cheaper than Sino-1 balls.

  • Surface hardness: 62-64RC
  • Center Hardness 58RC.

Photo: 105mm Sino-3 balls in 9.75m(32') SAG in Asia

Sino-4 Balls:

Sino-4 balls were designed to save the mine ball costs when  the SAG mill is smaller but charging Ø125mm (5") balls. Sino-4 design is for -10m (33') SAG mills and the best range is 5-9m (16' - 30') in diameter. Sino-4 balls are softer than Sino-1 125mm balls but much cheaper.

  • Surface hardness: 59-62RC
  • Center Hardness: 56-58RC.
Photo: 125mm Sino-4 balls in 6.5m (21') SAG mills in Asia

Photo: 125mm Sino-4 ball and scats from a 10m (33') SAG mills in Africa